1-4 Family Dwelling

Purchasing insurance for a multiple-family dwelling is different than buying homeowner’s insurance. You not only receive coverage for the unit where you live but for the other units with tenants. These policy carry higher limits because of their design and will cover buildings with up to four units.

Multi-family dwelling insurance policies provide coverage for damage to the building or any of the units. It also protects you from liability which results in injury to tenants or others or damage to the property of your tenants or other people.


This type of insurance often comes with restrictions. For instance, it may not provide coverage with properties that have swimming pools or wood stoves. It’s important to sit down with an agent to compare policies, their costs and their restrictions to ensure you purchase the correct coverage for your needs.

If you’re looking to insure 1-4 family dwellings, contact Premier Plus Coverage to find the policy that takes care of you and provides peace of mind.

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