Commercial Auto

No matter the size of your business, you need transportation. In many cases, you use vehicles in conducting your business. Most of the time, your personal auto insurance policy won’t cover you for accidents that happen in the course of your business. Instead, you need commercial auto insurance.

Companies of all sizes and in all industries need commercial auto coverage. This policy protects the business and its employees who are driving for the company. Purchasing this type of policy covers the following:

  • Vehicles you purchase under the business name
  • Employee vehicles used for business purposes
  • Vehicles rented or borrowed for business purposes

Policies protect you for liability, collision insurance and comprehensive coverage in addition to medical payments for injuries resulting from a collision.

Protect your company and assets from claims made by choosing a commercial auto insurance policy that fits your company needs. To learn more about this type of coverage and for help determining the amount of coverage necessary, contact Premier Plus Coverage.

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