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Premier Plus Coverage is an insurance brokerage firm which offers individuals and businesses the ability to find products to meet their specific needs. We can assist clients in tailoring policies to fit their budgets and other criteria. Our goal is to build a solid relationship with each client we work with for long-term results.

Because of our vast experience in both the personal and commercial insurance industry, we are able to obtain the best rates for our clients. In addition, we are able to locate products from the options that are available.

For individuals, we work with your needs to ensure you have adequate coverage to protect you and meet your budget requirements.

For businesses, we provide advice and assistance in insurance for companies of all sizes and in many industries. We have in-depth knowledge on the requirements for worker’s compensation, liability and other policies. We can answer your questions to create an environment of trust and dependability.

Premier Plus Coverage Inc. is an Independent Insurance Agency, which means we represent many different companies so we can find the one that is right for you. We can shop your insurance for you instead of you having to call around.

Our goal is to provide you with the insurance you want at the lowest possible price, while providing you with the highest level of customer service. We can furnish you with an assessment of your insurance needs and a choice of which package fits you best.

It helps to find an agency that you know and can trust. We have the knowledge and experience of our insurance products to provide maximum benefit and protection to our clients. Let us help you with any of your personal or business insurance needs.

To work with an insurance broker with experience and integrity, contact Premier Plus Coverage today.

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