Professional Liability

Professional liability coverage goes beyond the basics coverage in a general liability policy. This insurance coverage protects you from claims made against you on the basis of negligence, contract violations, misrepresentation or even a failure to render a service. In essence, this policy protects you from claims made by customers for failure to meet their level of satisfaction which results in a formal claim or lawsuit.

Companies in all types of industries need the protection of professional liability coverage. This includes medical workers, construction companies, beauty salons and other businesses providing a service to their clients.

A policy will be tailored to your company’s needs based on your industry and other factors which may weigh in on coverage requirements. The policy covers your expenses of representation such as attorney fees, even if the claim is found to be unwarranted.

Because of the individualized nature of this type of policy, it’s important to work with a broker who takes the time to understand your specific situation and requirements. Premier Plus Coverage will help you find the policy that protects your company and employee from claims and litigation. Contact us today for the professional liability insurance policy you need.

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